The Role of the Taqriz Genre in Biographies and Reestablishing the Ulama Circles The Case of Emirî


Abstract: The 16th century poet Emirî belonged to a family who raised many scholars, poets and statesmen. His divans which both include Persian and Turkish poems were presented to Sultan Murad III with hope of an official post. Two different copies of his divans include 6 taqariz. The taqariz were written mostly by scholars in Istanbul. There are two taqariz present in the Palace copy, and four in the fourth divan which is a holograph. Those who wrote taqariz for Emirî’s works, whom we do not have any information in any biographical book of the period, allow us to have valuable knowledge about Emirî’s network. By examining these texts, we can see that Emirî is close to ulama and udaba circles. In addition, the statements of the muqarrizun indicate that Emirî was a known and respected person in these circles. In this study, it will be tried to shed light on the life and network of Emirî, based on the taqariz.


Taqriz muqarriz 16th century Ottoman literature literary and scholarly circles