School Culture as a Tool for the Development of Occupational Commitment


This research has been conducted to determine the relationship between school culture and teachers’ occupational commitment. The research was carried out according to the relational survey model for this purpose. The sample of the study consists of 377 teachers (150 male, 227 female) working in different public schools in Istanbul’s Pendik district. The School Culture Scale and Occupational Commitment Scale have been used to collect the study data. The data obtained from the scales were transferred to the program SSPS. Frequency (f), mean (M), standard deviation (SD), kurtosis, and skewness coefficients for the data have been calculated and parametric tests performed. According to the study’s findings, a significant relationship exists between teachers’ occupational commitment and school culture. A positive and moderate relationship has been found for teachers’ professional commitment with task culture, success culture, and support culture; meanwhile, a low and positive relationship exists between teachers’ professional commitment and bureaucratic culture. Task culture is the strongest school culture predicting teachers’ occupational commitment.


Occupational commitment school culture task culture success culture support culture bureaucratic culture.