Prophethood as the Founding Element of Civilization: Different Historical Considerations on the Foundation of Society


By following different forms of life on earth like from from small groups to complex society, humankind comes to these days. It needs to understand historical process of civilizations on the basis of harmonized collaboration between vertical axis conducting divine prophetic teaching and horizontal axis to which human mind and abilities give shape in other words, it needs to consider history of humanity centering prophethood beside what people did on earth, inasmuch as prophethood represents an important axis on building societies, setting out principles of government and scientific development of societies thanks to the information which it gives, reforming society and establishing justice-based regime. However, Mesopotamia within the frame of the stated effects of prophethood, was first detracted from this center by the Israelites and Rome and it has been detracted from this center by Western-based approaches and progressive conception of history for last two ages. Indubitably, progressive conceptions of history of modernity is going to become ordinary on condition that we comprehend the history of humanity on the basis of prophethood, thus it can be easily seen that the history of humanity has been holding with the harmonized collaboration of vertical axis and horizontal axis.


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