Noticing the Elephant in the Middle of the Room: Manifestation of Socio-Economic Inequalities in the World and Turkey


Today the spotlights are over the problem of socio-economic inequalities. More people are having close attention to this phenomenon in the world and in Turkey. Because the economic transformation experienced in the last forty years triggers socio-economic inequalities to a great extent and creates different manifestations of the subject. Thus, the problem of socio-economic inequalities is subject to new research from different dimensions. Evaluation that monitoring inequalities through numerical indicators that give a general view, such as the gini coefficient, are not fully explanatory about the case. Because the gini coefficient provides a one-dimensional explanation and mostly obscures the different dimensions of the inequality. For this reason, calculations that make it possible to follow the contraction and expansion in different income groups within the country have started to be developed. This difference in assessment stems from the need to provide a framework for both the income status of different social groups and the changing social balances. This paper focuses the changes and variations in different income groups such as top 1 percent, middle income group and poor people. This paper offers a new framework for the assessment of socio-economic inequality by the analysis of the differentiation and change in these groups.


Income inequality income distribution globalization social classes middle class poverty.