Methodological Criticism of Nationalism


Theories of nationalism have become questionable in their own contexts with increasing interest in critical theory in sociology. Particulalry, the methods and principles of the methodological nationalism approach called as fundamentalist are questioned. The reason for the questioning of methodological nationalism is mainly attributed to its positivist understanding, universalist view of the nation and history and Eurocentric expansionist understanding. A common problem at this point of criticism is connected to the disregard of human action and social culture. The main theme of this study is the issues that methodological nationalism is in a dilemma due to its epistemological and ontological assumptions. By doing this, particular concepts of two areas will be used: constructivist theory and dialectical integrity. In this context, the principles of a new method will be discussed in order to overcome the shortcomings of methodological nationalism. The principles of the proposed method will be exemplified in the context of multiculturalism which is the subject of debate in Turkey and imagination of culture and society presented by identity politics. Therefore, the aim of this study is to show how a reading of nationalism based on historical sociology and constructivist sensibility can pave the way for new perspectives rather than a deconstruction of theories of nationalism.


Dialectical integrity rope culture constructivist theory methodological nationalism historical sociology.