The Age of Fear: Terrorism, Pandemic, and Refugees


Social scientists have defined modern times by different names and fear is one of them. As the driver for the historical flow in global range besides many other phenomena terror, epidemic and refugee issues direct the individual and social life of the age as a source of fear. This study aims to read how fear affects the social life of the time through the fear of terrorists, epidemics, and refugees. Secondly, it is to clarify what kind of fear is being constructed by these phenomenons and what is the interaction between them. Seeking control is constructed by a peculiar language produced by various actors, fear sources, which turn into an important device for the management and administration of people, become a perfect tool not only for those in power but also for power pretenders. Consequently, realistic or unrealistic sources of fear mutually feed the pursuit of control and the politics of fear.


Sociology of emotion fear politics of fear terror pandemic covid-19 refugee