Sociology of Sociology (!): A Study on the Sociology Associations of Turkey


This study is based on the efforts for making sociology agenda of Turkey visible through sociology associations. A study based on qualitative research methods has been conducted by setting off from social media shares within the last one year to cover the Pandemic course of associations. Digital data of three organizations (Sociology Association, Association of Sociologists and Association of Sociology Graduates) selected through criterion sampling method from seven currently active sociology associations, collected from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has been analyzed with Maxqada software by content analysis technique. The qualitative research pattern of the study has been determined as the case study, namely, case analysis. Data obtained as a result of the qualitative research has been analyzed by associating with sociological history studies in Turkey. The literature particularly related with the problems of sociology in Turkey has been taken into consideration for establishing the themes and codes of the study. The main purpose of this study is to make various problems (discontinuity of associations, conflicts, separations, polarizations between members and various organizational problems, etc.) arising in almost a hundred years of sociology accumulation period of Turkey, visible through associations.


Sociology associations sociology in Turkey digital data in social sciences Maxqda qualitative research methods