Doğum Öncesinden Ölüm Sonrasına Sonsuzluk Tasarısı olarak Teknolojikleştirilmiş Yaşam


In this article, everyday technology, which tends to expand without limits, is discussed in the context of contemporary practices that start from antenatal to death and that correspond to the desire for immortality of modern man. For this purpose, it is examined how technology intervenes in life and death through the episodes of Arkangel, Right Be Back, and San Junipero in Black Mirror, the popular science fiction series. In this study, the current social and human dilemmas that appear in the narratives are discussed, without ignoring the technical analysis of the series. In this respect, gene based medical studies that reformat the body, smart and synthetic technologies that add a new dimension to digital control and surveillance, contemporary medical and technoscientific assumptions about death and immortality are debated. The theoretical framework of this article consists of theoreticians such as Jean Baudrillard, David Le Breton and Byung Chul Han who consider that the change in social structure and relations is mainly driven by technology and critically approach this unavoidable trend. According to the main argument and inference of this research, technologies that can descend to every part of the body are no longer just the comfort and convenience extensions of daily life, and they affect almost all ontological processes between existence and extinction by being articulated with human destiny. However, this global trend is also the loss of the natural and the real for the modern characters who are deprived of the human conditions such as pain and death that make life precious.


Technology body death modern culture science fiction.