COVID-19 Pandemi Sürecinde Ortaya Çıkan Yeni Bir Kavram: Zoom Yorgunluğu


The pandemic process, which has been announced all over the world due to COVID-19 and has been going on for about two year, has profoundly affected the lives of individuals, causing changes in many areas of life. Especially in the field of education, face-to-face education was suspended, and distance education was started, and the distance education process became widespread and became the new normal of life brought by the pandemic process. In this new normal, individuals have started to spend a large part of their daily life online in front of technological devices. It has been determined that individuals who carry out all kinds of activities through online platforms use the Zoom application most frequently and Zoom is an important component of the lives of individuals. The fact that individuals spend most of the day on Zoom for different reasons has led to the emergence of physical, cognitive and psychological problems. All the problems experienced as a result of excessive, unconscious and uncontrolled use of Zoom are expressed as Zoom fatigue in the literature. In this study, the concept of Zoom fatigue, which is seen as the new problem of the digital age, is discussed within the framework of the literature. In particular, the emergence of the concept of Zoom fatigue, the way it is defined, its basic causes, its biological and neuropsychological explanation, its effects on individuals and what should be done to reduce these effects are examined in detail. It is believed that this study, which is thought to be a current and original subject, will make significant contributions particularly to the national literature.


COVID-19 pandemic distance learning Zoom Zoom fatigue