Looking at Youths  rough the Eyes of Fortune Tellers: An Evaluation on Youths Who Visit Fortune Tellers


This study basically tried to understand how young people approach to fortune-telling behavior. The data obtained from 13 fortune-tellers through in-depth interviews were classified under 4 themes: which profile young people go to fortune-tellers, what young people talk about with fortune-tellers, young people’s expectations from fortune-tellers, and fortune-tellers’ place in the world of young people. Accordingly, while there is a sociodemographically diverse profile among young people who go to fortune-tellers, it has been determined that young people who are defined as anxious, curious and depressed come to the fore. On the other hand, it has been determined that young people usually conduct interviews with fortune-tellers on love relationships, family problems, future concerns and career. Besides, according to fortune-tellers, young people go to fortune-tellers to satisfy their curiosity, to consult, to be approved, and to talk. In addition, it has been understood that fortune tellers are important and influential people in the lives of young people. The data obtained suggest that fortune-telling behavior can be seen as an expression of young people seeking counseling and psychological support. Therefore, it points out the importance of effective youth work that will meet the needs of young people in this direction.


Belief in the supernatural fortune fortune telling youth youth study