Mubāhalah as a Method of Dispute Resolution


In various occasions, the phenomenon of dispute is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an with its reasons, areas, dimensions, and solutions. In the context of the settlement of disputes that arise among individuals, communities, people with different religions, and states, basic principles as well as certain methods were presented. As a way of divine solution, the verse of mubahala (Invoking Mutual Curses) has been revealed in order to resolve the conflict that existed between early Muslims and Najran Christians about the nature of Jesus and a number of theological issues that could not be resolved by negotiations. This article describes the basic concepts concerning the subject of dispute and mubahala and their dictionary meanings and usage in the Holy Quran. Then their historical context will be addressed. The occasion of calling for mubahala, the parties, its results, and mubahala as a method of conflict resolution will be explained in the light of the verses and narrations. Moreover, Muslim approaches to this method and the extent to which the exegetical commentaries of ahkamu’l-Quran and books of fiqh (Islamic law) have discussed this subject will be determined.


Mubāhalah (Invoking Mutual Curses) Dispute Muslim Christian Solution