Perception of Music in the Fourteenth Century: Hasan Kâşânî’s “Kenzu’t-Tuhaf”


Our knowledge of the musical vision of the fourteenth century in the Islamic world is very insufficient because of the lack of sources and relevant research. However, this century is a very important period in which the musical system of Safiyyüddîn was discussed and annotated, and so it prepared the ground for the coming of an important scholar such as Meragî. In addition, the names of the tones (desâtîn) appear for the first time in a source. In this article, I have analyzed the understanding of music, music theory, and musical instruments of the fourteenth century, deriving information from a Persian treatise named Kenzü’t-Tuhaf written by Hasan Kâşânî in the fourteenth century


Kenzü’t-Tuhaf Hasan Kâşânî Music Theory Musical Instruments Music Mythology Effects of Music Musicology Ethnomusicology