Nusayrīism Composition and Basic Tenets


The sect Nosairi was formed in Irak in the mid-3rd/9th century. The founder of the sect was Muhammed b. Nusayr. İbn Nusayr’s successors, in succession Muhammed b. Cündeb, Ebu Muhammed Abdullah el-Cünbülâni, Huseyin b. Hamdan el-Hasîbî who the second founder of the sect. Hasîbî’s successor was Muhammed b. Ali el-Cilli and than Surur b. Kasım et-Tabarâni. The sect was developed in the main principles of Islam. Therefore the greatest impact on his nascency belongs to Islam. However, it received principles of faith from different religions. Likewise act old beliefs of his follower on his nascency. The religious system of the Nosairies, based on the divinization of Ali. Transmigration/ reincarnation, hidding biliefs and interpreting sacred text. This last belief caused incorrectly interprets Islam beliefs. Nosairies bless wine as in Christianity. They use wine in their rituals. Christian feasts in their belief system more than feasts of other religions.


Nosairi Transmigration Dissimulation İnterpret Esoteric