Social Depth, Social Media and Youth


Social media showing itself in every aspect of daily life and changing and transforming individuals and society relations at all points. Due to the structural form, social media mainly allows individual use; but on the other hand, its development through a network connecting individuals makes it entirely social. In this respect, understanding the relationship between social media and youth, as one of dozens of elements that comprise the social structure and as one of the most important dynamics, is becoming extremely important. Meanwhile, an effort should be developed around the concept of ‘social depth’ which can be defined as the sum of many different elements of the social structure. What should be understood from social depth is construction of a mind that does not ignore the humanity accumulation of history but not fall into anachronism, seize and apprehend today and show will. And ability to penetrate this mind into all the elements and cells of social structure. In other words, what is necessary for harmony of a healthy body is mind and will. In this aspect, our study, which discusses theoretically social media usage of youth around the concept of social depth, focuses on understanding and apprehending the relationship of youth with social media around fundamental mind creating social depth


Social Depth Social Media Youth Freedom İndividuality