The Effects of Social and Intellectual Factors on Being a Nonbeliever


Nonbelief is the general term for such attitudes as atheism, agnosticism, and apatheism,
all of which means the absence of religious or spiritual beliefs; the absence of belief in
supernatural beings or God/gods; and the non-acceptance of any reality beyond matter.
Most of the research in this field shows that more than 70% of nonbelievers are
deconverted from belief to nonbelief. The majority of answers given to the question of
how believers become nonbelievers over time involve intellectual development. In this
study, 502 believers and nonbelievers, participated in the survey, and 32 nonbelievers were interviewed. Findings show that social and emotional factors have priority over intellectual factors in terms of being a nonbeliever. Those who became nonbelievers due to social factors tried to justify their nonbelief rationally, whereas nonbelievers tended to give intellectual factors.


Nonbelief atheism agnosticism social intellectual psychosocial affective