The Concept of Scientific Revolution and Ottoman Empire


The emergence of modern science in science history is as important as the spread of it. In science
history, the approach of ‘scientific revolution’ makes astronomy the trigometrical point and conceptualizes
modernity from this center. While the reflection of developments arising from astronomy did not give the
same effect, the reflections of developments in other sciences became prominent. And medicine comes the
foremost in these fields. Although its development is discussable in early modernity, it has equivalents in
Ottoman except for the west. In order to be able to evaluate this case, more open ended approaches need
to be developed as regards the emergence and spread of modern science. In addition to scientific revolution
term, the studies conducted in the field of medicine were assessed to mention about Islam/Ottoman medicine
philosophy in this study. This subject must be assessed not only in terms of modernity but also in periods
regarding the history of modernity. And; in this sense ‘early modernity adds a sociological context to the period
entitled as ‘scientific revolution’. Early modernity is a period in which tradition as a conceptional solution tool
is functional. Early modernity is a period in which ‘interfaces’ emerged and while it is the last representative
of interface tradition; it is the first representative of modernity. In this context, the transfer of modern science
out of west gains a context which can be assessed. The concept of scientific revolution determines important
problems in the analysis of modernity.


Scientific Revolution Astronomy Medicine Kopernic Paracelsus Vesalius Early Modernity Interface Ottoman Science.