Political Elites and Local Political Life Examining Local Political Elites after 1980


“Who are they?” or “who is governing?” are very important questions for politicians in political life for a country or a city. This essay focuses the answer of these questions in Konya city political life. There are few researches about local political elite in Turkey. For this reason, this essay is very important and because there isn’t sufficient data or research about Konya local political elite. In this research, it has been focused to understand Konya local political elite since 1980 years. The multiple choice questionnaire was quantitative research was conducted with the members of local councils, the heads of local political parties, mayors, the members of the local political parties, administrators, parliamentarians. In this essay, what the background of local political elite in Konya city is, and what they think about democracy, liberalization and the world issues were discussed. In conclusion, it was found out that local political elites of Konya city were conservative, nationalist and religious and they had different political ways in Turkey


Elite theory political elitism politicians political life local politic