Theory or Reality: Positioning and Searching in the Face of Dominant Theory and Practices of Therapy


In this study, it is investigated how certain psychotherapists evaluate the current state of psychology as a science and psychotehrapy services in Turkey, what the theoritical and methodological preferences on theraphy practices are, and whether these experts these experts search for alternatives against dominant theories and methods. It is also investigated how therapists evaluate the change and transformation in family, and the family problems they face. For this purpose, in-depth interviews were conducted with 10 therapists practising in Istanbul. It is determined that participants behave with traditional/cultural references while they evaluate the transformation in family and especially family problems. On the contrary, it is concluded that the majority of participants adopt dominant/Western theories and methods. They emphasize that the various deficiencies emerging in the process of theraphy can be eliminated by choosing an eclectic method and/or individiual efforts and skills of the therapist. A small number of participants emphasising the need for alternative approaches stated that they could not apply them because of various reasons Thus it can be said that in psychotherapy, the state of both theoretical and practical dependence on Western knowledge, and the interpretation of individiuals and society via this understanding, and conception, is ongoing.


Psychology Psychoteraphy Turkey Theories of Theraphy Methods of Theraphy