The COVID-19 Normalization Process for Turkish Nations in terms of Health Communications: The Case of Türkiye, Azerbaijan, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


This study aims to determine how the health ministries of Türkiye, Azerbaijan, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) formed health communication strategies through their official Twitter accounts during the normalization process COVID-19 pandemic. Within the scope of the research, based on the date when the normalization process of Türkiye, Azerbaijan, and the TRNC started, one-month Twitter posts were analyzed by the thematic analysis method. The study was diagnosed with the 2020.03 version of the Maxqda program. The findings determined that although the three countries struggled with the COVID-19 pandemic in line with different strategies, health ministries shared the public awareness and awareness in the normalization process of this global pandemic. The most shared content in all three countries is the COVID-19 Table, including the daily number of cases. When examining the impact and transformation of Twitter content based on the epidemic, the Republic of Türkiye has the most comprehensive range about the pandemic, followed by Azerbaijan and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. As a result, the pandemic affects the official Twitter account shares of the Ministry of Health in all three countries.

Anahtar Kelimeler

COVID-19 pandemic health communication strategy Türkiye Azerbaijan TRNC